Makespace membership is £40/month

Membership gives you 24/7 access to the physical spaces and the equipment

As a paying member, you have 24/7 access to the Makespace workshop and bio-lab facilities, including use of all the equipment for no additional fees, and can use it for both personal and commercial activities.

Membership fees are used to cover the costs of operating, maintaining and improving the spaces and equipment. Please note, this is a volunteer-run organisation and fees can be this low because everything you see is achieved through the volunteer efforts of members; to run the space, to help train each other, to maintain and keep on improving it. You aren’t required to volunteer when you become a member, but we’d really encourage you to find ways you can – it is a rewarding thing to do, a great way to meet people and improve your skills, and is what makes the place work!

Here is how to join...

1. See the Spaces

Come to our "See the Space" tours to see if Makespace might be for you.

The first requirement for becoming a member is to come on a tour (or two!). You'll get to see the different spaces and the equipment we have, but also learn how we operate, what to expect from membership, and the training requirements for using specific equipment. You'll also be able to ask any questions.

We run two tours:

  • A required "See the Space" tour of our main workshops on the Mill Lane site.

  • An optional "See the Labs" tour of our bio-labs on the Addenbrooke's site, if you are interested in using the bio-lab equipment. You can do this tour first or second.

Our tours are listed along with all our events on our Makespace Meetup Group, and a summary of the upcoming tours are below:

See the Space @ Mill Lane (required)

See the Labs @ Addenbrooke's (optional)

Please join us on the tour(s) to see if Makespace might be for you, and as the first requirement for becoming a member. You can always email us at if there are any things you think to ask or want to clarify before or afterwards.

2. Members Induction

Attend the "New Members Induction" and sign up as a Makespace member

Once you have been on the required tour(s) and have decided that you would like to join, you are ready to be inducted.

Induction involves providing some documents, ensuring you have some required accounts, and setting up membership payments ahead of attending a “New Members Induction” session on our Mill Lane site. At this session you will be working through the requirements to join as a Makespace member. It takes about 2 hours and requires your full attention.

Our "New Member Induction" sessions are listed along with all our events on our Makespace Meetup Group. The next ones coming up are:

Please only book one of these once you have been on a tour and have decided to join. Further details of the preparations and pre-requisites are included in the "New Member Induction" event description – please read and follow them all very carefully before you attend!

3. You are a member!

Get training, meet others, start projects, help out

Once you have successfully completed your Induction and had your key fob activated, you are a Fully Inducted Makespace Member and free to use Makespace facilities and equipment when you please!


To access particular facilities or equipment, you will need to complete certain Training (as will have been outlined on your tour), to help protect you and the equipment.

Red Equipment Training

Any equipment classified as "Red" needs specific training before you are allowed to use it - for example, the 3D printers or Laser cutters. This helps you to have a basic competence with equipment, and to keep you and the equipment safe. Much of the training is done online, followed by a practical to help you get familiar with the equipment, demonstrate your understanding, and for the trainer to approve your use of the equipment.

  • For the different equipment training courses, see [[Training]]

A reminder that all training is done by your fellow members; please be considerate to the time they are putting in to help you, make sure you turn up to booked sessions or say immediately if your plans change, and consider becoming a trainer in the future!

Biolab Induction and Safety Training

The Biolabs on the Addenbrooke's site require a specific introductory safety training session before you can use them. Much like Red Equipment Training, this helps you understand the requirements and health and safety considerations to be in the labs themselves, and the basics of the equipment they contain.

  • For the Biolab Inducation and Safety Training, see [[Training/Biolab]]

When you’ve completed the online and practical induction and safety training, you will receive an access card to the biolabs. You can now attend biolab workshops and training, as well as having the opportunity to join an approved project or submit your own.

All activities that happen in the biolabs need to be covered by a project proposal, allowing additional check to ensure they are safe and suitable for the space.

  • If you are interested in projects already happening or proposing your own, see the Biolabs Projects page


Don't miss the opportunity to connect with other members in the space - that is one of the biggest values beyond the space and equipment, and a great way to learn, teach and collaborate!

Here are some ways to get connected:

  • Come to some of the [[Community/Events and Socials]]

  • Introduce yourself, ask questions, provide answers and find collaborators on the Google Group

  • Get involved in some of the [[Makespace Clubs]]

  • Share something you have made @ Makespace [[TODO]]


Simply being engaged in the community day-to-day - putting the bins out, helping someone when they are stuck, doing a bit of extra cleaning, saying hi to a new member - all helps Makespace thrive, but there are lots of other ways you can help out whilst building your skills, experience and connections:

  • Pass on your skills by joining the Trainers Club

  • Help the equipment run and the space improve by joining the Maintainers Club

  • Talk to the Events Club about your ideas for an event or club you might want to run, or join to help support other events and clubs

  • Take part in the space activities like "Big Clean" and Space Improvement activities.

  • If you have other ideas or offers of help, message the Google Group or email

Any Questions?

Please see our Membership FAQs for more information. If you have any other questions, email us at