Makespace not only gives you access to space and equipment, but also a wonderful supportive community. Get involved!


All upcoming Makespace inductions, trainings, meetups, talks and other activities are listed on our Makespace Meetup group

Join the meetup group to be able to register for these events, and to get notified of things coming up. You can also add a feed of Makespace events to your calendar:

iCal Feed / Google Calendar


All general discussions, announcements and chat is on our makespace member Google Group

Join the google group to be able to ask questions and get notified of new messages.

Our clubs also each have their own dedicated groups, so have a look below for any groups that might also interest you.

Core Clubs

Three core clubs run by members help Makespace operate

Maintainers Club

The Maintainers Club helps the equipment and space run effectively & safely

Meet every 4th Monday

Trainers Club

The Trainers Club helps develop and deliver training for Makespace equipment

Meet every 2nd Monday

Events Club

The Events Club helps great clubs, events and activities run at Makespace

Meet every 3rd Monday

Community Clubs

Makespace members also run all sorts of community interest clubs

Electronics Club

An group for those interested in electronics and PCB design and manufacture

Meet every 1st Wednesday

Robot Club

Robot Club is for beginners to pros, all you need is a love of robots!

Meet every 2nd Saturday

Propmakers Club

For anyone interested in props and costumes for cosplay, steampunk, theatre, etc

Meet every 2nd Wednesday

Jewellery Club

For jewellery making using things like the fine metalwork and glasswork area

Meet every TBC

Homebrew Space Club

For those interested in Satellites, High Altitude Balloons, Rockets, Telemetry...

Meet every 3rd Wednesday

Metalwork Club

Metalwork Club is for anyone interested in using and improving the metal workshop

Meet every 2nd Thursday

Woodshop Club

Woodshop Club is the Makespace woodworking community

Meet every 3rd Tuesday

Repair Club

Repair Club is for people interested in repairing and helping repairers

Meet every 2nd Tuesday

If you want to run a club or event, email